Change Log

See all the revisions of sFTP Client below, we will always keep this up-to-date as soon as new features arrive.

v2.6.1  - Released: 03/10/2017

  • Support added for listing directories with spaces in name
  • Fix to uploading of files when server responding with undefined (fixes random connection loss, hanging of uploads)
  • Skip symlinks on download / upload as causing issues with hanging connections

v2.6.0.2  - Released: 18/08/2017

  • Minor fix to split app user id on chrome sync to local storage

v2.6.0.1  - Released: 18/08/2017

  • License Activation working per device with API for future account update

v2.6.0.0  - Released: 17/08/2017

  • Update to app to support new license system

v2.5.1.1  - Released: 29/05/2017

  • Reverse UTF-8 fix due to multiple default issues

v2.5.1  - Released: 09/05/2017

  • Fix to overwrite confirmation as causing issues when transferring files
  • Fix to language data (fallback to english when other language data missing)
  • Fix to connections
  • Changed how we connect to IP's

v2.5.0.1  - Released: 21/03/2017

  • Fix to buy now when purchasing

v2.5.0  - Released: 16/03/2017

  • We have re-written the file transfer manager to become more reliable, it will now attempt to transfer 3 times before failing, we have also fixed several bugs and performance issues.

v2.4.4  - Released: 28/02/2017

  • Fix to overwrite confirmation

v2.4.3.2  - Released: 22/02/2017

  • Thank you for installing page setup
  • Updates to our documentation links, fix to glitch in trial mode
  • Fix to SFTP opening blank tab with no connection data

v2.4.3.1  - Released: 21/02/2017

  • UTF-8 fallback added for Windows servers and other that has no support for UTF-8
  • Fix to rename file/folder method not allowing you to go into rename mode
  • Fix to saving a renamed file / folder

v2.4.3  - Released: 15/02/2017

  • Added UTF-8 option in Manage Accounts
  • Correction in standard FTP

v2.4.2  - Released: 14/02/2017

  • Fix to directory paths and sync browsing

v2.4.1  - Released: 13/02/2017

  • UTF-8 support for listing, editing files, transfers, etc
  • Fix to local directory

v2.4.0  - Released: 12/02/2017

  • Improvements to data grid (layout of folder structures, also upload/download queue not sitting correctly)
  • Improvements to scan folders to build up queue list for deleting / downloading / uploading
  • Improvements to re-push transfers
  • Complete re-write of interface, local / remote handling, and layout
  • Fixes to local directory
  • Minor adjustments to ftp / sftp handling
  • Fix to 257 command to list directory (when server states the directory to load)

v2.3.0  - Released: 04/02/2017

  • SSH cleanups and re-writes to improve performance

v2.2.0  - Released: 28/01/2017

  • Fix to download / upload queue
  • Performance improvements and code cleanup

v2.1.0  - Released: 11/12/2016

  • Rename local files and folders
  • Delete local files and folders
  • Edit local file
  • Partial TLS/SSL support added (with fallback)
  • Fix to create local directory
  • Fix to interface

v2.0.9  - Released: 02/12/2016

  • Settings updated with keyboard shortcuts
  • Theme selection in settings added (coming soon)
  • App notifications for install, upgrade and update available (more to come later)
  • Languages updated
  • Improvements to Manage Accounts
  • Import window improved
  • Improve accounts list icons
  • Fix to recent connections
  • Quick connect port fix
  • Accounts list folders not expanding

v2.0.8  - Released: 29/11/2016

  • Quick connect port fix
  • Improve Accounts List

v2.0.7  - Released: 17/11/2016

  • Quick connect improved to handle protocols, ports, usernames and paths in IP/Host field
  • More errors added so users can more understand why connections have failed

v2.0.6  - Released: 16/11/2016

  • Improvement to download/upload queue (requires more attention)

v2.0.5.1  - Released: 11/11/2016

  • Minor fix to download/upload queue height

v2.0.5  - Released: 09/11/2016

  • New UI Improvements
  • Uploads / Download Queue now has the tabs back for v2 (with UI improvements)
  • Improvments to host file window

v2.0.4  - Released: 09/11/2016

  • SSH AES Encryption Support
  • Improved Modal Windows (Create File, Create Directory, SSH RSA Passphrase).
  • Improved SSH Algo Support
  • Fix to loading directories in SSH
  • Fix to Manage Accounts
  • Improvements to layout of Manage Accounts
  • Fix to some icons
  • Fix to hanging connections

v2.0.3  - Released: 08/11/2016

  • Fix to SFTP connections
  • Fix to global methods

v2.0.2  - Released: 02/11/2016

  • Fix to buy now window
  • Fix to directories not loading in FTP

v2.0.1  - Released: 17/10/2016

  • Fix to icons
  • Improvements to licenses
  • Changed site icons
  • Fix to Manage Accounts not working
  • Replace with .io
  • Updated translations
  • Fix to modals
  • Fix to header for Windows 10
  • Fix to file editor
  • Removed double slashes from commands (e.g. CWD)
  • Fix to manage accounts list
  • Fix to local create new file method
  • Added payment logos

v2.0.0  - Released: 13/08/2016

  • Improved error statuses on ftp command and data connections
  • Connection failures now sent to our API to help improve our app
  • Create directory / file modal improved to auto focus the field
  • Show / hide elements from the view now works as expected (legacy code removed)
  • FTP connection no longer causes error on blank connection of which also crashes the app
  • Quick connect improved (host field is now required)
  • Context menus improved (you can now also access the context menus in the white space areas)
  • Dutch translation verified and updated by Rob Roosen
  • Spanish translation verified and updated by Sergio Avila
  • Language support added for a majority of countries (provided by Google Translate API)
  • Improvements to FTP connections (update to chrome sockets)
  • Improvements to modal windows (new design and layout fixes)
  • Issue with some servers returning internal IP instead of external IP (major fix)
  • New and improved GUI (let us know what you think)

v1.9.1  - Released: 11/07/2016

  • Issue with domains returning internal IP instead of external IP (major fix)
  • Directory listing issue fixed
  • Connection issues with port formatting from FTP server

v1.9.0  - Released: 07/11/2015

  • Design updated with new styles
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Hidden files support added in core system (ready for v2.0.0 release)
  • sFTP Client theme updated to support multiple colours (ready for v2.0.0 release)
  • FileZilla import structure added (ready for v2.0.0 release)
  • Changes to core files for v2.0.0 release (coming soon)
  • Change to core files for improved experience
  • Banner for paid users removed

v1.8.3  - Released: 31/07/2015

  • Issue fixed with Google Sign-in request, this issue also relates to some Google License requests

v1.8.2  - Released: 20/07/2015

  • Change to layout of activation screen (loading text) to stop multi presses of button (lowers activations used)

v1.8.1  - Released: 20/07/2015

  • License activation fix (priority)

v1.8.0  - Released: 19/07/2015

  • Newly added purchase options (PayPal) and multi licenses support
  • License key improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor updates/fixes to ftp / sftp connections

v1.7.2  - Released: 16/10/2014

  • SSH Keys (Log in to an SFTP or SSH account with a public key)
  • Master Login (Previous code causing issues and was removed)

v1.7.1  - Released: 13/10/2014

  • Syncronised Browsing (File > Manage Accounts - Edit FTP Account > Advanced > Use syncronised browsing)

v1.7.0  - Released: 11/10/2014

  • MS-DOS Listing Mode Added (Now supporting UNIX and MS-DOS)
  • 10 Most Recent Connections (Quick Connect to Previous Connections)
  • Master Password Login (Keep all your FTP connections safe with one app password)
  • KeepAlive connection added (keeps connections open)
  • Server Status (License Status, Website Status, Support Status, and Live Developer Message)
  • Copy URL’s to clipboard (e.g. ftp:[email protected]/path/file.txt)
  • Queue (Upload / Download) Improvements
  • FTP Connection Improvements
  • Empty FTP Directory Fix
  • Stopped double logging of console log data
  • Other UNIX servers showing blank directory
  • Rename issue with special characters in file/folder name
  • Edit empty file (showing blank with files of 0b)

v1.6.3  - Released: 12/08/2014

  • Report bugs by providing app data

v1.6.2  - Released: 11/08/2014

  • Queued files not processing correctly

v1.6.1  - Released: 30/06/2014

  • Download issue

v1.6.0  - Released: 16/06/2014

  • New Google Sockets API Implemented (This should fix many issues)
  • Download / Upload speed improvements
  • Local directory now showing ALL files / folders instead of first 100

v1.5.3  - Released: 05/06/2014

  • Remote & Local Menus (Create File/Directory and Refresh List)
  • Manage Accounts - Autoselect new folder / ftp account
  • Activation box change
  • Email address added to about window
  • Activation window buttons
  • FTP Connection using ftp://

v1.5.2  - Released: 16/05/2014

  • License Key Issue
  • Manage Accounts - Username Hidden Issue
  • Manage Accounts - Ask for Password Fixed
  • Manage Accounts - Anonymous Login Fixed
  • Trial mode now start from first connection
  • Re-activate the app using Google transaction id, order id or provided license key

v1.5.1  - Released: 13/05/2014

  • Advanced Editor Options
  • Tabbed Editor (Edit Multiple Files in 1 Window)
  • Local Directory Per FTP / SFTP Account
  • Trial Timeout Extended
  • Easily Access Manage Accounts
  • Date Modified on FTP Accounts - Year Showed Incorrect Format

v1.5.0  - Released: 25/04/2014

  • Drag & Drop (Between Local and Remote)
  • Import Accounts (from sFTP Client)
  • Export Accounts (for backup / moving accounts to another computer)
  • Clear Saved Data (Deletes accounts, SSH Keys and App settings)
  • for FTP servers that do not require a password
  • for minor issues

v1.4.0  - Released: 16/04/2014

  • Change local directory issue in multiple tabs.
  • Sort arrows (up/down) on sortable columns.
  • Blank checkbox removed from delete window.
  • Trial License update.

v1.3.1  - Released: 09/04/2014

  • Double click file to upload from local directory.

v1.3.0  - Released: 08/04/2014

  • Renaming files / folders (could not rename).
  • Renaming files / folders (backspace fix).
  • Multitab grid selection (not auto selecting parent).

v1.2.0  - Released: 08/04/2014

  • Downloading with no local dir selected

v1.1.3 - Released: 07/04/2014

  • Local Directory Issue (Did not remember last selection)

v1.1.2 - Released: 06/04/2014

  • License Update

v1.1.1 - Released: 04/04/2014

  • Selecting parent issue with FTP / SFTP Sites in Managing Account
  • Delete issue with FTP / SFTP Sites and Folders in Managing Account
  • Ordering issue with FTP / SFTP Sites and Folders in Managing Account
  • Added error message on connecting to wrong port
  • Account list connecting with default port
  • Added error message on downloading without local directory specified

v1.1.0 - Released: 01/04/2014

  • Keyboard Search on Local + Remote Lists (Select a File/Folder by Keyboard based on Phrase)
  • Keyboard Selection/Browse on Local + Remote Lists (Up,Down,Enter,Backspace,Keyboard Menu Key)
  • Edit File - Auto Focus Editor
  • SFTP Date / Time
  • Sync Issue with File Permissions
  • Create File / Folder width
  • File Size Mistype (b, kb, Mb, Gb, Tb)

v1.0.4 - Released: 30/03/2014

  • Rename to Show Name
  • Double Click File to Download

v1.0.3 - Released: 29/03/2014

  • Edit File - End of File Not Deleting
  • License Activation Issue
  • License Key Shown in About

v1.0.2 - Released: 28/03/2014

  • Edit File - Autosave
  • Local Directory Issue

v1.0.1 - Released: 27/03/2014

  • FTP Connection Issue
  • Changed Copyright Date
  • Quick Connect Issue (SFTP)

v1.0.0 - Released: 27/03/2014

  • Standard FTP Connections
  • SSH over File Transfer Protocol (sFTP)
  • Change Files / Folders Permissions (CHMOD)
  • Upload / Download Files & Folders
  • Quick Connect
  • Manage FTP Accounts
  • Import / Export FTP Accounts
  • Show / Hide (Quick Connect, Message Log, Local Directory and Uploads / Downloads)
  • Edit Text Based Files
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Rename & Delete Files

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