v3.4 Now Available

v3.4 is now available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux with amazing new features, fixes and some behind the scene clean ups. See below for a list of release notes:


  • Re-design header of app to optimise space, we're no longer using the default OS window frame
  • Re-design 'Getting Started', flow has also now changed
  • Show / hide for SSH terminal snippets added (option also added to connection settings)


  • Performance improvements on app opening time
  • Notify users when using a non-native install (i.e. via app store, due to EPERM issues)
  • Connection manager now refreshes automatically (only when changes are made)


  • Opening app will always show account when logged in (sometimes looked as if you were logged out)
  • New update available check has been fixed
  • Synchronized browsing wasn't working when enabled in connection settings
  • Host key confirmation dialog causing error when closed
  • Local directory path being removed upon account sync (causing issues with synchronized browsing)
  • Amazon S3 region fixed (first region option causing region not selected error)
  • Closing SSH terminal tabs causing the wrong tabs to be active
  • Account login issue fixed
  • Validation for account registration changed (at least 1 character now required for forename / surname)
  • Local directory listings containing symbolic links broke listing causing consistent loading icon to be displayed
  • Filezilla import was broken causing data to be imported but not visible

Our latest v3.4 also benefits from the newly redesigned header, now using up less screen space.

Mac App Store:

Linux Snap Store:

Windows App Store:

Install Directly from sFTP Client:


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Monday 6th April 2020