v3.2 Now Available

v3.2 is now available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux with amazing new features, fixes and some behind the scene clean ups.

New Features:

  • Add colour picker to custom colour options (i.e. SSH colours)
  • Workspaces / Teams (Owner, Admin, Manager and Access Only user roles)
  • New UI based menus for those who don't have ability to right click
  • New directory loading added to make it clear the directory being accessed is loading (before new directory loaded once received / parsed)
  • We have rebuilt our data grid the directories load on as previously columns looked out of place and on smaller screens was difficult to resize the columns

Fixes / Bugs:

  • We found a major performance issue which was fixed, causing some CPU's to hit 100% or overutilise the CPU whilst app was idle, after fixing this issue, we've noticed CPU to now use 0.2% - 0.6% when idle and upto 12% when in use (this will of course vary computer to computer). The cause of this issue was the message log and debug log checking for new entires to display every millisecond (1,000 times per second)
  • Rebuilt sync connections to eliminate existing bugs and to also further support team sharing / workspaces
  • Fixes to theme colours where many areas was showing the blue theme buttons / text (may be more to cleanup here)
  • Fix to delay in theme loading when opening app
  • Chinese Character Issue fixed on SSH Terminal and file transfer listings
  • Checkboxes showing as yellow instead of theme colour
  • Connections tags fix when using sync

Whats new in sFTP Client:

  • As some may notice we have moved away from sftpclient.io and are now using sftpapp.com, this is due to 3 reasons
    • Firstly the IO domain was confusing some customers, whereby they thought we were based around the Indian Ocean (since the .io TLD is recognised for this area), however we are in fact a UK based company
    • Secondly the IO domain wasn't giving us great benefit in terms of SEO
    • Thirdly we soon wont just be a client and therefore we plan on changing our name soon, although our client will remain to be called sFTP Client.
  • We have now been approved on the Windows App Store (as we currently can't support in-app purchasing on the Windows Store it is unfortunately an upfront cost)
  • We now support In App Purchasing (IAP) for the Mac App Store and will be the first place to benefit from our workspaces / teams feature
  • To ensure our business is here for the long run we have now moved over to a subscription service (mostly due to workspaces / teams as this feature will incur an ongoing and increasing future cost for us), however we will still be providing our lifetime licenses for whoever wishes to not make use of the team workspaces
  • As some may have already seen we have now hit over 1 million customers across all our platforms we support over the past 5 years of being in business.

Mac App Store:

Linux Snap Store:

Windows App Store:

Install Directly from sFTP Client:


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Friday 11th January 2019