v3.1 Now Available

v3.1 is now available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux with amazing new features, fixes and some behind the scene clean ups.

New Features:

  • Sync Connections (using Diffie Hellman Elliptic Curve Encryption)
  • Local Directory Selection (Browse file / folder, including USB's, Network, etc)
  • Improved Path View (Breadcrumb)
  • Status Bar (count files, folders, size, plus buttons that replicate context menu)
  • Ability to Save Connection when using Quick Connect
  • Add Transfer Speed to Queue
  • Directory Comparison
  • Preserve Connection Logs
  • Global / Individual view options
  • Connection Notes (if sync enabled these will also be encrypted)
  • Change Password
  • Auto Refresh Local Directory List
  • Show / Hide - Information & Feedback

Fixes / Bugs:

  • Account data being forgotten after 15 minutes (reloading app restored account)
  • Refresh Token Issue (not being renewed correctly)
  • Default tab icon missing on initial load
  • Fix to Getting Started (some users reported they couldn't get past this screen)
  • Translations now working (we've also added this to preferences too)

Mac App Store:

Linux Snap Store:

Windows App Store:
Coming shortly (Application Pending)

Install Directly from sFTP Client:


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Tuesday 9th October 2018