v3.0 Coming Soon!

Yes it's official, v3.0 has been in the works for the past few months now, we have completely rebuilt our app from scratch with a whole new design and many new features and improvements for our 4th year at sFTP Client.

v3.0 Updates:

  • TLS / SSL Support (Now supporting both implicit / explicit connections)
  • Proxy Support (Coming to v3.1)
  • External Editor Support
  • Faster Downloads / Uploads
  • Multiple Downloads / Uploads per connection
  • Improved Queue Manager
  • Treeview for FTP / SFTP connections
  • Improved UI
  • Improved Connection Manager
  • Login / Register directly within our app
  • Themes (6 different colours) - Dark theme coming in v3.1
  • Import from FileZilla
  • Support for Android / iOS Tablets
  • Plus 5 Pro features we cannot yet announce.... it's a surprise!!
  • UI Customisations

Release Information:

Due to our new app building built in a more native framework / codebase our v3 app will not be available to the Chrome OS platform from the Google Chrome Webstore, however we are looking at other options to allow sFTP Client to be available to Chrome OS users.

Launch Date:

Expected by end of July / first week of August 2018.... but let's see how things go ;P


  • Apple MacOS (Inc Mac App Store)
  • Microsoft Windows (Download from our site - App Store coming later)
  • Linux (Download from our site - Software Center coming later)
  • Chrome OS / Chrome Browser (we're working on an alternative here)
  • Android (Tablets - for now, v3.1 we'll look at mobiles)
  • iOS (Tablets - for now, v3.1 we'll look at iPhones)

Sneak Previews:

Click the images below to enlarge.

Email Updates:

Want to know when we launch v3.0? Signup here to our email updates.

BETA Enthusiasts

If you'd like to become part of our BETA testers please email us at help@sftpclient.io with the subject "v3.0 BETA Tester", this way we can filter those who'd like to join our BETA program, which will become available within the next week or so, we'll also be taking up feedback on our new app before its release and fix any bugs found by our BETA testers, whilst you're also in our BETA program you'll also enjoy the benefits of our full Pro version of our app.

Please note this blog post will be updated on a regular basis with new information, so is therefore subject to change


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Monday 5th March 2018