Download / Upload Queue

We are currently debugging issues with transfers from local to remote (upload) / remote to local (download), after releasing an update for re-writing our transfers system some users are still experiencing issues with the downloads / uploads on our latest version (v2.5.0.1). We have currently built in a Retry option on right clicking of the download / upload item, this will help resume the file (if for some reason the transfer has gotten stuck), we will release this fix later today, in the meantime we are going to continue debugging the issue with transfers, but for now you'll at least have an option to retry the upload / download process.

Apologies for the issue for those who are facing this problem, we are doing our best to get this resolved ASAP, however we don't currently have an ETA on this fix as we're not entirely sure how long tracking this issue may take.

We'll keep you all posted as soon as we have a further update to provide, if those that are affected by this can leave a comment on this post, we can better understand how many of our users are facing this problem.

Thank You!


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Ian Barnes

Downloads are working OK. Upload hangs if the file already exists on the server, otherwise the file will upload.

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Greg K

Uploading/downloading files is why we need FTP. Yes, it's stuck in Queued .. only option is to cancel. disappointing.

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Wednesday 29th March 2017