v2.0 Coming Soon

v2.0.0 is coming! Take a look whats new: - We have redesigned the app to be more user friendly (take a look at the sneak preview of the frame wrapping the app). - We have done some major fixes on SFTP connections (including issues with HMAC problems users were facing). - We now have FULL language support, using the Google Translate API we have translated the entire app into every language supported by the Google Translate API (we will need contributors who are willing to help improve the translation to be more accurate). - UTF-8 support has now been added and supported throughout the app, no more issues on renaming, or creating files / folders. - DSA support (we have started on DSA support and hope for this to be released with v2.0.0) - New modal windows with loaders and cleaner layout making the app look clean and tidy - FileZilla import (import your accounts from FileZilla)


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Tuesday 10th May 2016