v1.7.0 Now Available

Check out the new features: - MS-DOS Listing Mode Added (Now supporting UNIX and MS-DOS) - New 10 Most Recent Connections (Quick Connect to Previous Connections) - New Master Password Login (Keep all your FTP connections safe with one app password) - New KeepAlive connection added (keeps connections open) - New Server Status (License Status, Website Status, Support Status, and Live Developer Message) - New Copy URL’s to clipboard (e.g. ftp://username@host.com/path/file.txt) - Update Queue (Upload / Download) Improvements - Update FTP Connection Improvements - Update Empty FTP Directory Fix - Fix Stopped double logging of console log data - Fix Other UNIX servers showing blank directory - Fix Rename issue with special characters in file/folder name - Fix Edit empty file (showing blank with files of 0b)


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Saturday 11th October 2014